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 ..::VregScape Ultimate Version 6.1::..

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PostSubject: ..::VregScape Ultimate Version 6.1::..   Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:15 pm

6.1 Update:

Vreg Chainbody
Vreg Platelegs
Vreg Crystal Shield
Vreg Blade
Vreg Boots
Vreg Gauntlets
Vreg Med Helm
Dragon Platebody
Demon Tail
Demon Horns 1
Demon Horns 2
Demon Head
Demon Feet
Demon Hands
Blue Crystal Shield
Black Crystal Shield
Angel Wings
Lava Helm
Ladies Helm
Lava Gauntlets
Ladies Gauntlets
Lava Boots
Ladies Boots
Lava Shield
Ladies Shield
Lava Platelegs
Ladies Platelegs
Lava Chainmail
Ladies Chainmail
Lava Blade
Ladies Blade
Emperio Armani Glasses (Male)
Emperio Armani Glasses (Female)
Pink Lamborghini
Yellow Lamborghini
Tri God War Spear

Go to this video to see the customs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_VOz6N8EbE
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..::VregScape Ultimate Version 6.1::..
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